On this album I extensively use a Roland Handsonic HPD 20 digital hand percussion controller, which is a hand played electronic “bongo type” instrument. That’s why I called the album “groovescapes” and “noises”, associated with the HPD 20. But I also had help from the German “Amsel” (blackbird), who is lending its amazing voice on 2 songs, “Blackbirds Whistle” and “Solitary Company”.

The songs are mostly composed but with some improvised solos in it (Jembrana, Alexandria, Dreamtime)

Guitars used on this album:
K&K made Pacifica with SD neck- and Pure Mini bridgeplate pickup, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Aslin Dane Jazzking archtop with vintage Gibson pickups, Tacoma DM steelstring acoustic with K&K Trinity system, Otto Schneider classical with K&K Powermix Pure system, Gibson Les Paul Studio with Floyd Rose tremolo, Hofner Verythin, Fender Custom Shop Strat, Ibanez JS Satriani, Epiphone SG Wilshire vintage.