Dieter kaudel

Dieter opened his own business in 1983, making pickups and microphones for musical instruments (K&K Sound). He moved to the United States in 1995 and now lives in Coos Bay, Oregon with his wife and daughter. He still loves to play the guitar and has recorded several CDs in his home studio under his artist name Dietri.

wolfgang salomon

Wolfgang lives in Würzburg. He is and always has been actively involved in professional music. He wrote the music for several theater and ballet productions and performed with international musicians. Visit his web site at He has produced and played on several CDs (Luna, 27 Milchstrassen, Neunerplatzmusik No.3, danse, ...bye bye Peter, Der Zauberer von Oz, Alice im Wunderland, and Faust), available on his web page.

thomas römer

Thomas worked as technical director and manager in theaters and concerthouses in Baden Baden, Bochum, Trier, Berlin, Dortmund, Essen and with the "Wagner Festspiele" in Bayreuth. His last project took place in the Hangzhou Grand Theatre in China. He retired in Baden Baden at the end of 2004 to focus on playing the drums, which he never gave up. Unfortunately, Thomas passed away on March 30, 2005 due to lung cancer.

Jürgen Benz lives in Wuerzburg, runs a design and programming business and currently has a band by the name "Instant Ego" 

Eddie Rüdel founded Rue D'Elle, which manufactures speciality lighting devices and also had his own band, the "Loonatics."

Fred Lamberson is a well requested sax-player in the San Francisco Bay Area. He performs with several jazz groups and also builds high-quality mouth pieces for saxophones ( His most famous customer was former US President Bill Clinton.