This album was designed to reflect a serene and calm mood throughout. The melodies are mainly improvised, created “in the moment”. The accompaniment is done by synthesizes or psychedelic guitar sounds, with a few exceptions in the final 2 tracks of the album, which are more of a composed nature.

The flute sound  in the track “Taklamakan Night Camp” is played with a Midi guitar.

On this album I often use a Steinberger ZT3 guitar with Transtrem tremolo (Sleeping moon, Contemplation, The Power of Modes) and also a Tim Bryant hand build baritone guitar, tuned down to d (Industrial Swing, Quintessenz and Oasis).

Other guitars were: Framus Tennessee custom, Gibson Les Paul Studio with Floyd Rose vibrato, Gretsch Country Classic, PRS S2 Standard, Gibson Las Paul Standard, Johnson JH40 archtop with Bennedetto Jazz humbuckers, K&K build Pacifica with SD neck and Pure Mini bridgeplate pickup.